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[fic] Sparkle Of Hope?

Title: Sparkle Of Hope?
Chapter: 1/x
Author: ruki_chan90
Genre: Angst, a bit fluff
Warnings: None at all
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: AoixKai
Aoi blinked a few times and his tears stopped flowing immediately. He just could not believe what he was seeing. What a scene was offered for him.
This is a sequal to Gone Forever. Some people wanted me to write this and so I sat down and started this. I already thought I wouldn't be able to finish this and I'm sorry for taking so much time. But somehow I felt like I would be under time pressure everytime I continued writing. And I'm not really happy with this one, but yeah. Whatever. Enough babbling. Keep in mind that english is not my first language and that this was not beta-read. So excuse my mistakes m(_ _)m Now enjoy reading!

The doctor was still standing next to Aoi and looked down at him. He was a bit surprised at why he was not answering until now. But then he thought, that he would be simply too stunned for a proper answer. Therefore he decided to just take him there.

“Please follow me.”

Aoi looked slowly up to the doctor, who was friendly smiling down at him and nodded shortly. He stood up and followed him with some space between them.

He had no clue, where they would go now, because he had not listened to the doctor and was not interested in him before. That was the last thing; he could be interested in now.

Some single tears were still running down the reddened cheeks of the black-haired. But he did not care any longer, if other people could see him so weak. It was all the same to him at that moment.

After all he had lost everything just a moment ago. Everything that was important for him. What he had loved. Whereof he had held fast onto. Within some seconds they had destroyed everything. Everything was over with a sudden. And he had not had the chance to change anything.

So they were walking through endless long corridors for awhile. They had outperformed the intensive care unit long ago. By now Aoi even thought that they were walking cross the whole hospital, until they finally stopped before a door.

Aoi slowly wondered what the point of that was. Why was the doctor guiding him through the whole hospital? Was this maybe his office and he was going to talk with him about Kai?

There was no sense in it any longer. They could not change it anyway, so why should they talk? He was gone and would never come back. It did not make any sense to Aoi. And he did not want to talk about it at heart. He did not know if he could bare it. Or if he would simply break down completely while talking.

The doctor opened the door and stepped first into the light room, before he waved with a smile at Aoi to come inside.

However he stayed where he was. He did not understand, why this man was smiling all the time, but he would find out soon.

After a short overcoming he finally stepped inside, too. And his eyes nearly popped out of his head. That could not be true. That just could not be true!

If he would not have known it better, he would have said, that he was dreaming. But he was not. This was reality.

The sun was shining in this room, too and lightened it up on the back of this, as if the white walls would not be enough already. The window was half opened, so that the temperature would stay pleasant. Right now there were three beds inside, but just one of them was not empty.

Aoi blinked a few times and his tears stopped flowing immediately. He just could not believe what he was seeing. What a scene was offered for him.

All his lost hope lay there inside this bed. His future. Everything, that was worth living for.

He shook his head in disbelieve. How could that be? He had just seen it at first hand. The bed was empty and the machines were all carried away. Nurses were chatting exited. There must have happened something terrible. However that was, what he thought first.

So he was mistaken. And the whole time the doctor just tried to tell him that everything was perfectly fine and they had mislaid him to another room.

And he was such an idiot to think, that he was gone. Forever…

Oh please god, don’t let this be a dream.

Aoi walked with slow and shaky steps to the bet, in which Kai lay and seemed to sleep peacefully. He stopped right before the bed and looked at this still so fragile body. He reached his hand out carefully; as if his object of desire could break into thousand of tiny pieces, as soon as he would touch it. Then the black-haired finally touched the arm, which was still attached to various tubes.

Aoi actually expected that Kai’s body would burst like a bubble, but this was really no dream. This was the reality and Aoi was infinite thankful for that.

He bit down onto his lip and started to chew on his lip-piercing, while a small smile was evolving on his lips.


Suddenly his legs could not bear his weight any longer, so that he fell down on his knees before the bed again like he already had been doing it once that day. For a short moment he stayed that way, until he leaned forward and placed his head onto Kai’s chest.

He started to cry again. But this time they were tears of joy. Now everything would come out all right. Now they would be able to life like they were doing previously. Now his future was bright again and he had his meaning of life back.

Aoi could not describe how happy he felt. And how thankful he actually was about the fact, that his fate did not treat him unkindly any longer and that it had not taken everything away from him.

He heard the door closing. So it seemed that the doctor had left the room. Now he was alone with Kai in this room and Aoi somehow was really glad about it. He wanted to be alone with him so badly. He wanted to enjoy the presence of the other one alone.

By now he stopped crying and only some last silent sobs could be heard, until he was quiet again. Only the steady beeps of the machines filled the room.

He started to smile again. Now he did not want to cry anymore. There was no reason to cry at all. He only wanted to be strong. For Kai. The way he had been strong for Aoi all the times before. He owed it him.


Aoi did not know how long he had stayed that way next to Kai. He even thought that he had dozed off shortly. But he really was very tired. The last weeks had pulled at his strengths, but now that would hopefully change.

Suddenly he noticed movement and felt how a hand was placed onto his back. In the next moment he was wide awake and his eyes flew open immediately.

He thought that he would have to cry again every second, for he looked directly into Kai’s face and he was smiling at him. His mouth opened, but no sound left his throat, as Kai even started to slowly caress his back.

Kai had lifted his torso slightly, so that he could better look at Aoi. He would have never counted on seeing the black-haired man after his awakening. When he had had that accident, he already had lost all hope for seeing Aoi again after all.

But there he was. And it seemed, as if this was not the first time and as if he was still important for him.


It was just a quiet whisper, but it was totally enough. They did not need any words to understand each other. That was already needless for a long time. Their glances said everything and that had to be said.

Aoi swallowed hard and blinked a few times, so that the tears would disappear out of his eyes again. He did not want Kai to see him crying.

“You’re awake.”

Aoi got slowly down of Kai and he took one of the chairs, which stood inside the room, so that he could sit down on it. Then he grabbed for Kai’s hand, which lay on his back just a moment ago. He squeezed the hand and the pressure was automatically returned.

Kai nodded slightly and sank back down into the smooth pillow, before he looked up at Aoi and waited tensely for his next actions.

Aoi observed Kai for a moment, until he continued talking.

“I’m sorry, Kai. I’m so sorry! Everything was my fault.

Believe me; I never wanted this to happen. I really never wanted to hurt you… But still I did...”

He lowered his head guilty and looked down at the ground.

“Please forgive me, Kai. You know… Nothing changed. At that time I was not serious at all.

I… I said that I would hate you and you were goddamn dying!! I’ll never forgive me…”

He could not fight back his tears any longer and they were silently running down his cheeks.

Unpleasant silence dominated between the two of them for some seconds, until Kai answered. His voice was still quiet and you could barely hear it, because he had not enough strength for speaking any louder.

“Aoi… It’s okay. I forgive you. For I know now, that it’s not true and that I’m still important for you.”

He slowly lifted his hand and wiped away the tears, which were still running down Aoi’s cheeks. He could not stand it to see Aoi like that.

“Please stop…”

Aoi looked up in surprise and after a short hesitation he had to smile again.

“Oh… Thank you. Thank you so much Kai!

You know… You’re really the most important thing in my life. You make my life worth living for!”

Kai stroked over Aoi’s cheek, he removed the last traces of tears, before he placed his hand back on the bed.

“Thank you for being by me.”

“That goes without saying! I’d always sat here next to you and waited for you to awake. I actually stopped hoping, but you disabused me once more. And therefore I have to thank you!”

The brunette just shook his head giggling quietly, before he closed his eyes.

“Nothing changed. You’re still the same.”

“Yes, of course. And that will probably never change. You should know that.”

He slowly bowed forward to him and looked at Kai’s still pale face. He had not expected that Kai would forgive him so fast, though he had been so mean. But he had really miscalculated Kai. And he was so happy about it. Kai still loved him after all and now he was finally with him again.

“I’m unbelievable happy right now, you know?”

Kai’s eyes opened a little bit and they looked directly into Aoi’s now. He nodded after hesitating.

“I know. And that makes me happy, too.”

Aoi slowly bowed down a bit more, until their lips met for a short kiss. It was good to feel Kai’s soft lips on his own ones again and he smiled brightly at his beloved.

However Kai was happy to see this shining inside Aoi’s eyes again.

The silence evolved again, but this time it was a pleasant silence. It took a long time, until Aoi disturbed that silence.

“Thanks for giving me back my hope, Kai.”
Kai started to smile and got up on his own to place a soft kiss onto Aoi’s lips this time, before he looked into these beautiful eyes again.

“Aoi… I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Aoi started to carefully stroke over Kai’s cheeks and sat down correctly on his chair again.

“And now sleep. Rest a bit. I want you to get well soon.”

Kai nodded affirmative.

“If you say so, I’ll do so.”

And in the next moment he had already closed his eyes. He actually was extremely tired and sleep would be good for him now.

“Sleep well.”

A silent sigh from Kai could be heard and in the next moment he already was fast asleep.

Aoi observed him for a long while. He still could not really believe it. This morning he thought that he would see a deadly pale Kai again and now.

Now he finally woke up again. And they could even talk with each other. But it was even more important for Aoi, that Kai was not mad with him. That he still loved him like before the accident.

Aoi smiled and looked out of the window. He watched how the wind played with the leaves of the trees outside for a while. Then he slowly looked back at Kai’s peaceful face, before he started to watch his chest heaving.

Sleep well my hope… My love.

Tags: ♣angst, ♣aoi, ♣fanfiction, ♣fluff, ♣g rated, ♣kai, ♣oneshot, ♣the gazette, ♥kai/aoi
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