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[fic] Home - 1/x

Title: Home
Author: ruki_chan90
Theme: Music promt "Feels Like Home"
Pairings/Characters: UruhaxKai
Chapter: Oneshot
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: MalexMale, kissing
Disclaimer: All the persons in this story belong to themselves.
Summary: And whenever he lay in his bed, it somehow didn’t feel like home any longer.
Comments: Written for hanashi_no_egao. It's rather short cause of my writer's block, but please enjoy it anyway. Thanks das_porno_uke for beta-reading.

A sigh left the drummers lips as he walked through the building, in which he spent most of his time. Work was increasing day by day and it didn’t seem to near its end. But he knew that it’d all pay one day, when they’d be one of the biggest bands in Japan and maybe even the world. He knew it from the beginning that they’d have to work hard to achieve this goal. And he wouldn’t give up. Not now, where everything went so well for them.

But still... Sometimes he felt like this wasn’t what he wanted in the beginning. There was nearly no time left for himself any longer and he spent his whole time working for the band, for their goal and he just returned to his apartment to sleep from time to time, when they got a small break. And whenever he lay in his bed, it somehow didn’t feel like home any longer.

And this feeling was driving him mad. He had always enjoyed coming home and relaxing to forget all the stress that connected with the band. Now he was rarely there and everything seemed so cold and empty. He couldn’t enjoy his time alone any longer. It wasn’t the same.

So he soon started to look forward to his work, even if it meant that he’d have to stand another stressful day at the company or at the studio. The drummer thought that it was a thousand times better than wasting his time with doing nothing at a place he had once called home. It didn’t felt right any longer and so he often caught himself working longer than he actually was supposed to do. Thinking about that felt strange, since he would have never expected it, but then all this was his live, everything he had worked for. Wasn’t it normal then that he didn’t want to stop with it? Or was he slowly turning into a real workaholic?

Kai didn’t know the answer. There were even times, when he was scared of it, scared of his behavior. He was sure that it wasn’t normal any longer and that it wasn’t good for him, but he couldn’t stop it. He simply continued. It was his job after all. And he loved his job. No matter how hard it seemed to be and how much he had to do for it. He’d never give up on his dream and he promised that he’d work hard for it and do whatever it took to fulfill it. And he was looking forward to the day, when they’d finally reach their destination. When they would be on the very top.

The drummer started to smile when he reached the studio at the end of the floor, as he returned from his meeting with their manager. He was sure that they’d be able to reach their dream. He knew his band mates and he knew their potential. Together they’d overcome whatever difficulties there’d be.

The sight that greeted him behind the wooden door was proof enough for that. Ruki and Reita were chasing each other around the room while Aoi and Uruha were laughing at their friends behavior. No matter how hard their job seemed to be from time to time, they wouldn’t loose their spirit. So they surely wouldn’t lose their focus on what they really wanted to reach.

As Kai closed the door behind him their honey blond guitarist turned into his direction and greeted him with a smile.

"Kai-chan, there you are!"

The brunette walked to the couch, on which their guitarists sat and let himself fall onto it next to Uruha. He immediately felt an arm sneaking around his waist and then a small peck on his cheek, which made him giggle.

"I’ve missed you. Next time I’ll come with you."

"Oh, believe me, you wouldn’t want that. It’d be way too boring for you."

Uruha started to laugh and pulled his lover closer to him before he started to grin.

"I think, I could handle it, if I can spent more time with you that way."

The drummer giggled and leaned against the guitarist. He could already see that picture. Uruha would probably fall asleep at such a meeting and start snoring, or he would distract him all the time.

"Well let’s try it then. If you can do it, you might get a reward for it."

He could easily see the exited sparkle inside the guitarist’s eyes and it made him smile even more. This was one of the things about the other he loved so dearly. Uruha could always light up his day and make him smile, no matter how down he felt. And he was thankful for it, because sometimes he felt like loosing himself in all the work and the guitarist always rescued him.

As he felt those lips on his own again, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. He felt secure when he was near Uruha and he could stay with him for hours. He turned into Kai’s new home, to which he went every day and really felt at home. The feeling he thought he’d lost long ago, but as he fell in love with Uruha and started their relationship, it returned. He learned what it was like again and he noticed how much he had really missed it. Kai always wanted Uruha to know how thankful he really was.

"You know... you can’t imagine how much I love you."

Kai came even closer to his lover, before he kissed him again. He accepted that he had lost one home and therefor found a new one. A even better one.
Tags: ※challenge, ♣angst, ♣fanfiction, ♣fluff, ♣kai, ♣oneshot, ♣pg rated, ♣uruha, ♥kai/uruha
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